Overview of the highlights of activities and outcomes of GENERA CoP

We take this opportunity to show you an overview of the outcomes and activities by GENERA CoP. Feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about us and/or contact us directly :)

What are our main activities?

  • Monthly online meetings on topics of common interest
  • Annual working meeting (spring) and General Assembly (autumn)
  • Continuous exchange of information
  • Creation of working groups on
  1. Data Collection: on male and female physicists, data analysis and annual flyer
  2. Vision and Strategy: define a GENERA vision & strategy to sustain the GENERA CoP
  3. Dissemination/Website: establish an information dissemination strategy
  4. Gender Dimension in Physics: review, investigate and produce knowledge about a Gender Perspective in Physics (GENERA Progress Report 2020); Preparation of GeDiMIRT conference at Lund University in June 2022
  5. Career Development: designs and offers a workshop for early career researchers on career development issues with a focus on gender and diversity Topics:
  • Facts and figures: men & women in STEM & other minorities
  • Overall skills needed inside & outside academia 
  • Careers Paths inside/outside/in between academia 
  • Mentorship & Networking 
  • Combining research, teaching and family Inclusive leadership 
  • Implicit Bias and Impostor Syndrome
  • Sexual harassment
  • Myths of excellence 
  • Mental health 


What are our main learnings?


Data-driven -> evidence-based (WG on data)

User-driven -> Mouthpiece for the needs and aims of the physics community

Hands-on-driven -> Creates trainings and workshops for early career researchers

Transdisciplinary -> Brings together experts from different fields of science

Sustainable -> Established in 2018, successful generating financial funding

Fun-Factor -> From colleagues to friends; sharing laughter and joy and the creation of an inclusive GENERA culture


Can institution join GENERA CoP?

  • Yes!

What are the benefits?

  • Access expertise & contacts of the CoP
  • Share learnings and experiences
  • Learn & develop and work together  with other physics institutions on gender equality